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Secret to Perfect Crust Every Time

By Daniel Thor, Bellissimo Foods

The cardboard pizza box is an iconic piece of serve-ware used at every takeout and delivery pizza establishment in the US. While there are iterations of the box, whether it is printed with a particular logo or plain, thick corrugated or thin chipboard, none of the boxes add any benefit to your pizza besides being a means of conveyance. Introducing the pizza liner from Perfect Crust™, which was designed specially to help your pizza look and taste better coming out of the box.

The Pizza Liner from Perfect Crust™ fits in between the typical corrugated pizza box and the pizza. It was designed specifically with your delivery/take-out pizza in mind and has a number of benefits to keep your pizza looking and tasting good even after the drive home. The Pizza Liners patented EVC technology has a number of benefits as your pizza makes its way out the door. The liner’s embossed bumps have a three-tier advantage system, first elevating your pizza to allow oils, liquids, and grease to separate from the pizza. This elevation allows ventilation between the bottom of the pizza and the liner, which provides a crispier crust, and doesn’t leave your pizza sitting in grease and moisture which promotes a soggy crust. Lastly, the circulating air actually keeps the pizza warmer by an average of 12 – 15 degrees upon delivery. The patented embossed bumps are also helpful in keeping the
pizza from sliding around in the box.

The Perfect Crust™ Pizza Liner is made from 100% pure virgin paper, which differs from your average brown corrugated pizza box that is comprised, at least in part, by recycled paper. Recycled paper is good for writing on, but not to hold your food. Furthermore, once paper is exposed to grease it cannot be recycled due to the recycling process for paper goods. The Perfect Crust™ liner keeps your pizza away from potentially harmful contaminants that may be found in recycled paper,as well as keeps your pizza from sticking to the box.

Not convinced yet? Try the Perfect Crust™ Pizza Liners yourself. Call Perfect Crust at 1.800.783.5343 for more information or to try a free sample of the Perfect Crust™ liners.

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