Cindy – Southern Kansas Area Manager – Performance Foodservice of Springfield, Missouri

Just wanted you to know that I’ve taken these liners to all my Southwest Kansas customers with amazing results! Two different accounts have told me of their success. One said that she has customers that have been coming to her restaurant for years and can’t believe they haven’t changed the recipe. The pizza is so much fresher and crisper, and lasts for hours after they bring it home. One even said when she had a piece the next morning; it was still crispy and fresh tasting. They love the fact that they can cut right on the liner. This makes it so easy for the staff to slide the pizza into the box. My customer in Liberal is so impressed that he is now serving the pizza at his tables too! He puts the liner on the aluminum pan that they serve from because it helps maintain the integrity of the pie throughout the whole meal. If the customer has any pizza left they just slide the liner (pizza and all) into a to-go box. Just thought you would like to hear our successes!