Ed Barnett, Co-Founder – Pizza L’Vino – Houston,Texas

I had been using Perfect Crust liners since we opened almost a year ago. In our delivery / carryout only pizza store, all our pizzas end up in boxes to be eaten 30 – 45 minutes after coming out of the oven. Your liners were doing a great job in keeping our pizzas crisp and dry, yet I mistakenly tried to cut my costs by going to a corrugated pad instead of Perfect Crust pizza liners. We have a super quality pizza, using Grande mozzarella and Stanislaus tomato products among other very high quality, expensive ingredients, yet I was trying to cut my costs on packaging. Until the other day when I got a call from TWO different customers lamenting on how disappointed they were to find that I had switched to a corrugated cardboard pad and how much of a difference they noticed in the crispness of their delivered pizzas. So, even though my costs are an extra 4 cents per pizza to use your Perfect Crust pizza liners, my customers noticed a difference and I am running back to your fabulous liners. Thanks for a great product…and how it helps to differentiate us from the crowd.